Take-out Breakfast

This Great Egret was enjoying a festive first breakfast of 2017 this morning at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge! img_7057After one successful foray, he strutted back out full of confidence for another fish course.img_7059The water was utterly calm and smooth. img_7050The crystal clear surface made for wonderful reflections, and probably made it quite easy for our Egret friend to spot anything swimming by underneath.img_7049PLOP . . . . . !!!img_7052Success – another tasty bite!

16 thoughts on “Take-out Breakfast

      • I love all the birds to see in Florida. Never been anywhere else where they are so accessible. Looking forward to spring nesting season!

      • You’re so right, Pam. It is quite amazing how close visitors can get to these beautiful creatures at our many preserves, refuges and parks. We have even had Great Blue Heron chicks nearby for a couple of weeks already.

      • You have great blue heron chicks already? Amazing! Our birds are just beginning to think about building a nest. Way to go! 🙂

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