Sandhill Crane colt explores his world

Another little beauty from Circle B Bar Ranch Reserve.  This vulnerable 8-day old Sandhill Crane colt gets around quite well, but keeps close to his parents. They will be watchful caregivers for about the next 10 months.IMG_1916Adult Sandhill Cranes (who are a stately 4-5 feet tall) mate for life and have only 1-3 young per nesting season. The young are able to leave the nest and follow the parents a day after hatching.

Sandhill Cranes are most often found in open meadows, prairies, or near fresh water marshes and wetlands, and their range covers much of North America.

Here is an amazing FUN FACT from the International Crane Foundation: “A crane fossil found in Nebraska from the Pliocene period (5.3-2.6 million years ago) appears structurally identical to the modern Sandhill Crane, making it one of the oldest known bird species!”

Be sure to check this wonderful All About Bird site for much more fascinating information on these tall, elegant birds!

33 thoughts on “Sandhill Crane colt explores his world

  1. Thank you for this wonderful video. I have not been fortunate enough to witness a colt growing up, as cranes don’t breed anywhere near Colorado Springs. But their twice-yearly migration through Colorado’s San Luis Valley is a marvelous event I have beheld a couple of times. I never tire of seeing or hearing these inspiring birds.

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