Close up and personal with a Florida Scrub Jay

Last time we traveled to Merritt Island NWR, I went to some of the usual locations where we’ve seen Florida Scrub Jays in the past. I was about to give up when I decided to try one more very likely spot, the Scrub Ridge Trail.

I walked half-way around the 1-mile loop without seeing or hearing a sign of any Jays. Walking slowly, I thought I heard something as I neared the turn. Florida Scrub Jays can be very vocal, as you can hear here: All About Birds.

Sure enough, as I went around the corner, I nearly bumped into a Scrub Jay sitting right in front of me, rocking quietly on a little branch. The chubby little bird didn’t move a muscle, even when I approached to within less than 3 feet. Such a treat to be in its presence!

26 thoughts on “Close up and personal with a Florida Scrub Jay

  1. While being in Florida on countless occasions, I’ve never seen a Scrub Jay. Maybe the next time…
    Great photo and video. Thanks, Carol. 🙂

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