New menu item?

The Great Blue Heron on the left above is a very common sight, of course. We know that Great Blue Herons eat fish and other aquatic life. But when I spotted the GBH on the right, I couldn’t quite tell what he had in his long sharp bill!?🧐

As the Heron lifted up his prey, I was surprised to see that it appeared to be a small mammal with a long tail, something I’d never seen before!

I began to read more about Great Blue Heron‘s dietary habits, and sure enough, ‘Great Blue Herons eat nearly anything within striking distance’ (All ABout Birds), including small mammals, such as gophers!

Gulp~!! Down the hatch . . . Alas, poor little creature. But, such is the cycle of life.

36 thoughts on “New menu item?

  1. The GBH is an omnivore (Eats everything that would fit its mouth!) They eat crayfish, snakes, mice, frogs, insects, small alligators, birds, fish etc. Just don’t get too close to one, it might eat your wallet. 🙂 Great post, Carol. 🙂

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  2. When I see herons (or other birds, for a matter of fact) swallow what appear to be large bites, I always worry that they will get stuck. But they seem to have figured it out. They are definitely not following the advice to take small bites and chew well. 😊

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