In the Early Morning Rain

Sometimes we are fortunate enough to see a rainbow high in the sky when the sun appears after the rain. Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks uses such beautiful imagery when he describes this special sign between G-d and human beings! He refers to: “. . . the symbol of the covenant, the rainbow, in which the white light of God is refracted into all the colours of the spectrum.” IMG_8684 There were no other humans in sight on a recent lovely, warm summer morning when I went out – just the birds and me! Just the way I like it. A light, steady rain was falling, and this young Cattle Egret climbed to the top branch, trying to escape the bickering squawks of his tree island neighbors, the juvenile Snowy Egrets.
IMG_6844I have always enjoyed watching, listening to, and being out in the rain. It brings back such sweet memories of family camping trips when my children were young – watching them, full of wonder, exploring the woods and streams in their bright yellow slickers.

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