The lovely Purple Gallinule ~!

The Purple Gallinule is one of my favorite birds – luckily for me, they are very common in our wetlands!!  Like other Gallinule babies, they are just little balls of black fluff when they are born.  By mid-August, there were still a few groups of chicks toddling after their parents in the reeds and peeking out from their hiding places.  IMG_0538

I watched this little fellow below tumble about 4 feet from a Fireflag shrub right into the shallow water (maybe his first venture out of the nest?) but he seemed to come up unscathed – – just a bit damp.IMG_8093

As they get a little older, their beautiful colors start becoming more distinct.  This past spring, the first-born groups of juveniles looked so lovely and delicate as they were just beginning to show their bluish feathers and subtle variations of the adult bill colors .


I loved watching their antics as they set off to explore on their own.  They did quite well balancing on lily pads and stretching to get a drink or find a tasty flower to eat, but apparently no one told them that Purple Gallinules don’t generally stroll along right in the middle of the boardwalk! 😉

As they grow and gain more confidence, Purple Gallinules become incredibly adept.  As adults, they are not only stunning in appearance, they are also equally efficient at eating upside down and right-side-up! imageimage

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