“Did you see anything interesting today?”

When I’m out strolling with my camera, people passing by often ask, “Did you see anything interesting today?”  I always wonder how anyone could actually be out here in the marshes and wetlands, and ask this question! 😉   There is so much beauty and wonder that I respond every time with a resounding, “YES!”  There is always something ‘interesting’ to encounter . . . everywhere around us, no matter what day, or what time of day, or season of the year!  IMG_2557IMG_2498IMG_2501

The Fireflag, Pickerelweed , and Arrowhead plants above still have lovely blossoms, but many are starting to lose their luster as we move into mid-September.  IMG_2300Even though the small northern migratory birds have not quite returned yet, and the adult and new young herons and egrets of all kinds, who attract big crowds of birders, photographers, and nature-lovers during their breeding/nesting season, are few in number now, it’s a joy to watch even the most ‘common’ of our birds, like this female Boat-tailed Grackle below that I spotted this morning, surveying the ponds. . . . IMG_2525

and this industrious little Red-bellied Woodpecker, busily hopping up and down his tree in search of tasty snacks.IMG_2516As I finished up my walk yesterday at dusk, it seemed that nearly all the neighborhood ‘regulars’ who are still around had decided to share a common roosting spot in the same bare snag! IMG_2422

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