Getting ready . . .

Today is Erev Rosh HaShanah, the eve of the Jewish New Year.  We’ve spent the past month turning our attention inward, toward the deepest part of our souls, in preparation for the Days of Awe that begin with Rosh HaShana.  This evening begins a season of holidays, remembrances, and reflection for Jewish people all over the world.   At this time in the Jewish calendar, our ancient prayers and customs guide us in recalling and reflecting on our deeds of the past year, as we prepare for a time of repentance, return, and renewal in the coming year.  IMG_3478

I’ve been noticing lately that our preening wetland birds, like this Beautiful White Egret and his neighbors also appear to be preparing, getting themselves ready for the coming year!  My bird friends and I wish you a healthy and joyous New Year filled with many blessings~!


Cheery Black-bellied Whistling Duck ~


Elegant Anhinga ~


Ever-present White Ibis ~


Double-jointed Little Green Heron ~


Sweet Juvenile Little Blue Heron ~

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