Competition for the Crabbers ~ (a non-kosher post ;-)

IMG_7459Moments after I had passed the [human] fishermen and crabbers setting up their gear at the water’s edge early yesterday morning, I spotted this determined Yellow-crowned Night Heron, hiding in the shadows, out of sight of the humans!  He looked quite self-satisfied  As I approached, he gave me a slightly nervous, momentary glance, when he realized that I saw he was munching on a good-sized crab!
He was really quite deft at maneuvering the squiggly little crustacean in his beak – never even dropped it once!

IMG_7469Until he expertly managed to toss the last morsel down his throat.

IMG_7467GULP!!   I could almost hear him swallow . . .

IMG_7475Still hungry??  …. apparently!   As he rustled about in the grass, I saw that he had plucked up yet another unlucky little fellow!  Is that Crayfish on the dessert menu??

Florida’s crabbing season just began a month ago, and the Tampa Bay Times headlines said the “forecast is upbeat, but prices could be high.”  This hungry bird could definitely make a dent in the supply!

6 thoughts on “Competition for the Crabbers ~ (a non-kosher post ;-)

  1. Whenever I visit Longboat Key, Florida, I enjoy observing these interesting birds. Terrific wildlife behavior photographs! This heron is quite the skilled hunter. I love the red eyes and cool looking plumage. Your title is fun too. A joy to visit your wonderful blog!

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  2. I’m sure you would like birding – and taking photographs, of course – in Florida. It is so magical ~ we have so many beautiful, large and colorful wetland birds. Your feedback is most appreciated, thanks so much!


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