Encounters on a chilly morning in the wetlands . . .

The other morning was the chilliest so far this fall, and completely overcast, with occasional drizzle, so I wasn’t sure I’d see much on my walk.  But I was delighted to encounter several of my favorite bird friends!  The Wood Stork featured above was foraging among the marsh grasses, when he suddenly leapt up and made a tricky hop over the railing to continue his breakfast on the other side of the boardwalk.

IMG_7922IMG_7925This Cattle Egret was clearly hunkering down against the weather.  He stared right at me, as I zipped up my jacket, as if to be sure I noticed how much he could fluff up his feathers against the wind.
IMG_7882IMG_7885Two Tri-colored Herons were also hunched over in the damp cool morning air, hanging out as they typically do on the railing, never flinching as I walked right past them.IMG_7972

Even the Great Blue Heron seemed to be crouching extra low in the water as he stalked his morning meal.

My walk was a little shorter than usual, due to the weather, but I’ll bet the fishing was great that morning!

12 thoughts on “Encounters on a chilly morning in the wetlands . . .

  1. Great Heron and Egret shots! I placed a few pics on my Home page for you of the Cattle Egret in breeding plumage. We love seeing these birds going through the different stages of changing colour. I have some pics of our Aussie Herons on my Photo Archive page.
    It is always great to meet another birder!


    • Thanks for your visit and your comments! I look forward to checking out the pics you posted – it’s always interesting to see how different – but similar – species look in distant parts of the world!


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