Coming right at you~

As much as I try to be ready to capture shots of birds in flight that might chance to pass overhead when I am in wide open areas, or to adjust my settings to capture a small bird hiding in the shadows, sometimes the only thing I can do is click the shutter – and hope to capture whatever happens!


That’s what happened the other day when I spotted this Great Egret.  I looked around and saw him standing on the railing, scratching his chin.

IMG_8630Then he quickly fluffed up his feathers. . .


. . . and suddenly lifted his huge wings, and took off.IMG_8638

He flew right at me!!  I wasn’t sure whether to duck or shoot – with my camera, of course 🙂


No way to correct my camera settings for the motion or the white highlights – or anything else.  But I kept the photos anyway, just to remember the fun of the moment~!

IMG_8647A second later, he touched gently down on the other side of me, and set off on his late afternoon fishing expedition.

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