White birds showing their stuff at the marsh ~

In addition to the huge White Stork above, there were a dozen White Ibis, several Great Egrets, and a host of others sloshing around in one small marshy spot yesterday morning.  Must have been some tasty breakfast snacks available.IMG_9036They were literally lined up on the boardwalk railings, and kept taking turns flying in and out of the water.

IMG_9018On the right side, the Cattle Egret took center stage. . . .

IMG_9021And directly across, on the left railing, the Snowy Egret was first in line, ready for take-off.

11 thoughts on “White birds showing their stuff at the marsh ~

    • Thanks! These two kinds of egrets are about the same size, but actually differ in the color of their head feathers, feet and beaks. I think the Snowies are much more elegant ;-), and the Cattle Egrets can be rather comical.
      In breeding season, the colors on both are remarkably striking, as with most of the wading birds. I’ll be posting those in the coming months for sure!


    • Yes, it’s funny to think they are called “Cattle Egrets” because of their association with cattle out in fields, when we see them here in wetlands and marshes all the time . . . also in parking lots and on lawns, of course 😉


  1. The cattle egret on the rail is my favorite. I don’t see them here. I don’t see storks either. They are not the most attractive of birds but they really are interesting to look at. Wonderful images. I see the egret is banded. Are many of the birds there banded?


    • Good question about the band on this egret, Donna. No, I don’t recall ever seeing banded birds in our wetland preserves, and I’m not sure why this one is unique. Now that you mention it, maybe there are others that I’ve just not noticed (?). Will ask my local Audubon friends about this and see what I can find out!


  2. Wonderful to find a kindred spirit so attached to the lovely wetland birds which grace our South Florida landscape!! It does seem unusual to see the banded Snowy..what were you able to learn about that?

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