What is this bird doing here??

The Red-winged Blackbird featured above definitely is at home here in the south Florida marshes. But this Yellow-headed Blackbird is definitely out of place!  IMG_9465I never even knew there was such a bird as the Yellow-headed Blackbird until a few days ago, but lately, a couple of them have been spotted among the scores of RWBB’s flitting about in our local marshes.  They are apparently hundreds of miles from home, as they are native to western and midwestern North America, and they don’t migrate to the southeast U.S.  But here they are enjoying South Florida with all the “snowbirds”.

Today, the Yellow-headed Blackbird above popped up onto the railing and I was able to take this shot from a distance.  I would have liked to get closer for a better photo, but I was afraid he’d take off.  What a treat!

More on these bright-headed birds can be found at Audubon here and at All About Birds here.

8 thoughts on “What is this bird doing here??

  1. It is always exciting when a bird turns up in your backyard that is not normally found in your region! I can remember the day a male Regent Bowerbird landed in my backyard, it never appeared again in that area, but wow, it was so stunning and such a surprise! I managed like you, with the blackbirdto get a beautiful photo.

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