Yellow-headed Blackbird – Floridian or not??

Our new friend, the Yellow-headed Blackbird, was out and about again, showing off his brilliant colors.  Doesn’t seem to faze him that he’s 1200 miles from home!IMG_9607Most field guides and online sources say that this bird is far from his natural habitat, and that is what the local birders seem to think.  But – a check of last year’s 2013 Florida Bird Checklist shows the Yellow-headed Blackbird and it’s not even designated as “Rare”.  So, who knows…..?? IMG_9749I’ve not yet heard him sing . . . Although his showy and elegant cousins the Red-winged Blackbirds have beautiful songs, I read that the Yellow-headed do NOT sing well.IMG_9609Maybe we’ll hear him if he sticks around and becomes a permanent resident.

10 thoughts on “Yellow-headed Blackbird – Floridian or not??

    • Our Red-winged Blackbirds have absolutely lovely voices and they start singing first thing, at sunrise – not sure if I’ve ever heard them after dark. Although I have not yet heard the Yellow-headed, some sources say he isn’t melodious at all 😉


  1. hello, you think Florida is off his path, I saw one of these in GA a few years ago, and couldn’t figure out why a red-winged blackbird had his colors on his head!!! maybe they are changing their habitats due to the weather??!!

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