Quiet evening in late Spring

During late Winter and early Spring, the preserves were bustling with activity.  The warblers and other migratory birds had arrived. The wading birds and other Florida natives were busy courting, nesting, and caring for their noisy chicks.

“I believe I was here first!”

And, the boardwalks were filled with nature-lovers of all kinds, enjoying our spectacular weather and scenery – families with small children, walkers, birders, photographers.



But by mid-May, these lovely spaces started quieting down, and an evening walk like the one on which I took these photos, could be a very tranquil time – for birds and people alike.


Sunset over the pond

In just another week, Spring will officially turn into Summer, and the preserves will become even quieter and emptier for the next several months.  The best time to enjoy a visit will be very early morning, just before the heat of the day – ahhhhh…..heavenly!

16 thoughts on “Quiet evening in late Spring

    • It still amazes me that I can go to these places every day – a mere 10-12 minute drive away. I always enjoy hearing from you, Jet – you have a special talent for brightening one’s day! Thanks for your kind words. I love that Limpkin’s face 😉

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