Sunrise comes pretty early these days

It seems amazing that one can arrive at the preserve at 6:30 am, and still miss some of the best morning light!  How much earlier can sunrise get?? Nonetheless, I was happy to see the White Ibis featured above looking stunningly rosy, just as the dawn broke (alternatively, one might say he looked like he’d just finished dribbling a strawberry popsicle down his chin!)IMG_3786And it was wonderful to watch the colors of the sunrise literally changing the feathers of this Great Egret from white to a subtle pink as he started preparing for his day.IMG_3794But what really fascinated me was that this other Great (White) Egret – who landed on the boardwalk just 20 feet away, was bathed in the yellow glow of the very same sunrise, instead of pink – just exactly 9 minutes later!IMG_3799 IMG_3798As I walked along, I was delighted, as usual on quiet mornings, by the utter stillness of the water. The reflections of the trees and the islands are so vivid at times like this.IMG_3814IMG_3800The pond plant life of all kinds looks even more beautiful against (or reflected in) that calm, placid water at this time of year in the early hours.

Great Egret heading out to pick up some breakfast.

Great Egret heading out to pick up some breakfast.

Female Anhinga doing her morning stretching exercises.

Female Anhinga doing her morning stretching exercises.

Everything was peaceful and the birds were still just waking up and stretching, or heading out for breakfast, by the time I left to walk home. Luckily I caught the shade most of the way, as the temperature was getting close to 90° – though it wasn’t yet 9:00 am.

16 thoughts on “Sunrise comes pretty early these days

    • Thank you, Donna. Sometimes it’s too early for there to be much action here, too, but at this time of year, in this climate, it’s good to get out early. Its pretty darn hot out there in the sun by mid-morning.


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