Embarrassing moment for the GBH … oops!

This graceful Great Blue Heron (GBH) was standing at the edge of the pond the other day, scanning the water for a good fishing spot.


The Great Blue Heron was looking so elegant and standing so still, that a passerby laughingly said, “Looks like a decoy – they probably put him there to attract visitors!”

I stood there admiring him for quite awhile, hoping that I would catch a great photo of him catching a nice big fish.

“Hmmm….no fish here. I think I’ll climb up on this grassy mound to get a better look.”

As he strutted over to the grassy mound, he surely figured that he would have better luck.

“Ok, I’m getting a good view from up here.”

What happened over the next several minutes was not what I expected, but it was pretty funny to witness. (Though I must say, it was undoubtedly quite humiliating for the handsome  Heron!!)

“Ah ha….yummy. Now I can see the one I want!!

So, he stretched out as far as he could, all the better to plunge his spear-like beak into his tasty breakfast!



When all of a sudden . . . he just FELL IN!!!



How embarrassing can this get??



“I’m cool – I can do this . . . !”

He looked quite clumsy, to say the least, as he struggled to right himself and get out of the pond!IMG_5007Finally, the poor GBH emerged from the pond and clambered back up onto the grassy mound.

“I’m out of here!”

Then, apparently in order to avoid further embarrassment, he took off and flew to the other side of the pond.

“I should be fine now, if I just stay over here.”

He surely thought he was safe from further incident if he would just stay on the other side, but . . . .IMG_5020Oh no…! Looks like he had marched right into Red-winged Blackbird nesting territory! Now, to add insult to injury, an angry Red-winged Blackbird dad suddenly started squawking at the GBH and dive-bombing all around his head, chasing the poor big bird away. What a way to start the morning!!

28 thoughts on “Embarrassing moment for the GBH … oops!

  1. Really hilarious story, BJ! You had me guffawing! Great lead up, and fantastic photos. I find the more I watch nature, the more I see there is no perfection; even the most skilled fliers take a tumble, wading birds like your GBH make mistakes — and it’s not just the juveniles but adults too. What a total delight! 😀

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    • Yes, I could just tell from the looks he gave me that he was definitely embarrassed, Donna ;). In fact I actually felt guilty about taking so many pictures of him during those awkward moments!


  2. You know, I have been watching Great blues for a long time and this is truly the funniest thing!! I have not seen anything quite like that happen!! Made me smile for sure!!

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