~ just a lovely experience.

Peaceful Waters Sanctuary is tucked away in the corner of a large public park, not far away from my home. It’s always quiet and peaceful, and almost always empty of people.  You never know what you’ll see . . .


Young White Ibis, the one with the beautiful blue eyes


No idea what this is, but they were so vivid along the pathway, I couldn’t resist including them.


Protective male Red-winged Blackbird watching over his territory


Pickerel Weed is blooming everywhere – the bees love it

13 thoughts on “~ just a lovely experience.

    • Thank you, Donna. Yes, so interesting which creatures live both in the Northeast and in southeast Florida. When I see the RWBB’s here, I’m always reminded of listening to their beautiful songs from the ponds at our local preserves in upstate NY.


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