What do you think this is?

I was wandering along, hoping to spot some of the elusive baby ducks, when all of sudden, I noticed this odd, striped, curved shape object (featured above) in the pond on my left. Somehow, it just didn’t look like a plant….!


The pond on my right was open and deep, with lots of Lilypads floating on top. But on the left side, where I spotted the mysterious object, the water was very shallow and very congested with lots of reeds.IMG_4617Well-hidden in the reeds, there it was again. I just couldn’t keep walking till I figured out what this was. Something seemed to be lying in the water, not a reed, not a root, too ‘bumpy’ to be a snake. What was it!?! I literally couldn’t make ‘head nor tail’ of it (!); it just seemed to be ‘the middle’ of something. For the longest time, I couldn’t discern any ‘end’.
IMG_4618Then it swam into full view . . .  I was amazed and delighted to see a very young Alligator peeking his head out! Up till now, only part of his tail had been visible. I hadn’t seen any baby alligators for several months – but there he was, keeping a low profile.IMG_4628

His sibling also made a brief appearance, but declined to be photographed πŸ˜‰ Young Mr. Gator stayed very still, and the best shot I could get was this close-up of his little face. Then he swam away. . . IMG_4622Can you spot him slinking off in the top center of this last photo?

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