The Bumble-Bee Ducklings are back!

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for –  the arrival of a large new group of Black-Bellied Whistling Duck babies!IMG_5174The Black-bellied Whistling Ducks are everyone’s favorite, I think – the adults always look so handsome, with their long necks, beautiful coloring, and upright posture.  IMG_5164And the babies are just an absolute treat – with their distinctive black and yellow stripes, they make the pond look like its abuzz with a swarm of fluffy Bumble-bees.In fact, this short video clip gives you an even better idea of their level of activity! They are in constant motion, feeding on this delectable, grand swath of duckweed.IMG_5172The Black-bellied Whistling Ducks have been breeding here every year, and we always wait with great anticipation for the little ones to arrive. It’s especially exciting at first to see so many of them at once!IMG_5167Notice the ever-watchful eyes of these parents as they oversee their brood of about 16 ducklings.IMG_5151The babies are doing a good job of feeding themselves, and they eat non-stop – their heads barely come up above the surface – while the protective adults serve as guardians, looking out in all directions.IMG_5149They are so charming and fun to watch that I’m including more photos in this post than usual – just can’t resist!

Click here to see previous posts with several links to further information and resources about these wonderful ducks.

23 thoughts on “The Bumble-Bee Ducklings are back!

  1. We awoke with a family of 13 on our pool.
    They left and went to another yard and I can only hope they survive as we live in a planned community
    With small yards. The cutest thing I have ever seen

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