More than just another pretty face

There is something so lovely and graceful, yet vulnerable, about a juvenile Purple Gallinule. He is no longer a comical little ball of black fluff, toddling after his parents. But he is not yet a full-grown shimmering beauty like them either.IMG_5266I came across this young fellow clambering around in a low tree, and had the pleasure of watching him at close range for quite a long time.IMG_5272At this stage, he’s pretty much on his own, starting to navigate his surroundings independently, learning to climb and fly from branch to branch.IMG_5298He shows off his emerging blue colors as he practices using his wings.IMG_5248He looks charming and innocent as he preens himself and acts all grown up.IMG_5269But he’s just barely an adolescent, and I can’t help but worry that he doesn’t know enough yet about the scary world out there. I hope he will stay safe from all potential dangers he might encounter.IMG_5288At times, as I stood there taking many photos, he seemed to be watching me, as if to ask why I was so interested in watching him.  I just couldn’t leave till I captured a few memories on my camera~

26 thoughts on “More than just another pretty face

    • I do too, Tiny. Sometimes they can be so amusing, as they haven’t quite learned the ropes yet. I’ve seen juvenile Purple Gallinules strolling right down the middle of the boardwalk in front of me.


  1. It’s plain to see that you enjoyed gallivanting after this gallinule. One thing I learned from seeing some gallinules in New Zealand is that these birds have large feet, something that’s evident in your next-to-last photograph.

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    • Yes, they certainly do have HUGE feet, which look even more awkward on the chicks and juveniles. I’m so used to seeing them that I didn’t even think to highlight that feature in any of these shots.


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