A tribute to Nora ~

Quite by serendipity the other day, I was suddenly confronted by some news on social media that saddened and shocked me . . . a dear acquaintance had died quite unexpectedly at her home a few days ago. Nora was her name.IMG_5425I really didn’t know Nora very well – we’d met a couple of years ago while out birding. She spent time now and then at a family home near where I live, and when she was here, she often took photographs in the wetland preserves that I frequent.

It was always a treat to bump into Nora.  She was enthusiastic and full of energy and always loved talking about her passion for eagles and her birding expeditions to Alaska.IMG_7873I remember with fondness the day Nora and I stood watching these charming juvenile Wood Storks. We chatted about what they must be thinking. I had posted the photo above on Facebook last year with the caption, “See those two ladies over there? I think they like us!”

I will miss you, Nora.

10 thoughts on “A tribute to Nora ~

  1. Sad to hear and you did a nice tribute. Since I have been birding, there has bee quite a few birders that passed. Most of our birders are advanced in age, so it is a bit less of a shock. Very sad though to lose those folks with decades of knowledge and experience.

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    • Thank you for your thoughts, Donna. Nora was one of those energetic, adventurous people who you just think will go on forever. Now, as many of her friends have said, she is surely soaring with the Eagles.


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