“They sing almost endlessly. . . “

After listening to his melodious chorus for many long minutes, I decided to videotape this cheery Northern Mockingbird. He surprised me by suddenly becoming quiet, looking curiously right and left, up and down. I wondered if he was looking at me! And then, after about half a minute, he started to chirp a new medley.

Mockingbirds are great mimics, and are known to imitate over 100 songs of other birds (some say over 200!).

Found throughout most of the United States, the ubiquitous Northern Mockingbird sings its heart out nearly all day long. Its “varied repetitions and artful imitations” (Audubon) often even include “non-bird noises and the sounds of mechanical devices” (Birds of North America, Eastern Region, 2011, p.329)!

Check also both All About Birds and Audubon to read more about the delightful Northern Mockingbird.

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