Master of camouflage

The other evening, we were lucky enough to watch a Great Horned Owl family high up in the trees at our local Refuge. IMG_8488 What a thrill when the adult male Great Horned Owl arrived, landing silently in a tree not far from the nest! “Great Horned Owls are covered in extremely soft feathers that . . . help them fly very quietly in pursuit of prey. Their short, wide wings allow them to maneuver among the trees of the forest.”  (All About Birds)

He was almost able to hide in the branches, lit by the setting sun. What a beauty, with his “long, earlike tufts, [and] intimidating yellow-eyed stare“! (All About BirdsIMG_0086Featured above is an amazing shot taken by my husband of one of the babies peeking out from the nest, about 50′ high, and 150′ away! Both parents take turns guarding the young and searching for food.

Although they may begin to fly at 9-10 weeks, the young are tended by the parents for up to several months (Audubon).

IMG_8532Darkness was setting in over the refuge as we headed back to our car – IMG_0114– we’re so fortunate to live near all of this! Thanks once again to my husband for letting me use his Owlet above, and his sunset as my parting shot here.

12 thoughts on “Master of camouflage

  1. Great captures of these masters of camouflage! And the sunset was wonderful too. There are Great Horned Owls supposedly nesting in the park close to the salt marsh but they have camouflaged too well for me to detect them 🙂

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