IMG_8068The little Green Heron is undeniably one of the most patient hunters in the wetlands.IMG_8075We often see Green Herons, like this one, sitting on a low branch for the longest time, just watching the water below.IMG_8076When he spots a tasty morsel swimming by, he stretches out his neck – his whole body, really! –  and . . .IMG_8077 . . . . scoops up his prey in a flash!IMG_8078In fact, Green Herons are famous for their amazing fishing prowess. They are even known to ‘bait’ fish by purposely dropping a feather, crumb, or other small object into the water to attract fish. Watch the second half of this video to see an example of this amazing behavior in action!

22 thoughts on “Patience

  1. I agree BJ that patience is a key signature of the all the Herons, and I have noted this life skill in my new book with our White-faced Heron. Your Green Heron is very similar in every way to our Striated or Mangrove Heron which has similar peculiar traits.

  2. Fantastic series of action photos, BJ. I really love the way you captured the intricate golden scalloping lines (wing) of this beautiful heron. Clearly you practice patience too.

    • The herons in this particular preserve, like this Greenie, seem quite used to people walking by. But we also observe more skittish behavior among birds who are in our more remote areas.

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