A few of my favorite Herons

A short visual tribute to three of my favorite (and some of our most common) wetland birds . . . .


Tri-colored Heron


Green Heron

These herons are here with us all year round, and keep us smiling no matter what the weather. Despite the summer heat, they always seem to find relief from the high temperatures in refreshing pools, shade-covered ponds, and breezy treetops.


Great Blue Heron

Although early September may signal the final days of summer for many, my weather app tells me that today is September 1, and it is 90 degrees – and ‘feels lik104′! – here in southeast Florida.

Stay cool, friends~!


15 thoughts on “A few of my favorite Herons

  1. I’ve thought of moving to Florida, but the summers, not sure if I could handle the heat and humidity. Today, in Michigan high 74, feels like 74. (Lol).

    My favorite is the green heron. First time I saw one was last year.

    Stay cool my friend.


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  2. I just love the the noisy, colorful green heron. I also enjoy the night herons I’ve seen at the Ding Darling refuge on Sanibel Island. Wherever one visits, there are so many beautiful birds to be enchanted by:)
    I thoroughly enjoyed your photographs!

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