Up and away

img_5537This Limpkin was one of many who were enjoying the Apple Snails along the shoreline of Lake Kissimmee. Limpkins have a specially designed bill, the tip of which acts almost like tweezers, to pry open and extract the Apple Snail from its shell. But they also feed on insects, worms, small crustaceans, and other mussels (All About BirdsFlorida FWC)img_5540I watched him for quite awhile when he suddenly leaned far forward, and braced himself for take-off.img_5541What a delightful reminder of the miraculous ability birds have to just lift themselves up and fly away!img_5543Within an instant he was headed over the marsh, silhouetted against the morning sky.

24 thoughts on “Up and away

  1. Lovely photos of the Limpkin, especially as it flies away, always amazes me watching quite big birds becoming airborne. Also interesting to know how well their beaks have adapted to be able to eat snails!

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