Birds only please

As birders, we are always looking to the skies and paying attention to flight patterns as a key to identifying our fine feathered friends, like the Osprey featured above.
img_5922But I’m always paying attention, too, to the interesting signs that are posted in our preserves and parks.  I recently noticed this very cool sign  above – the first and only one of its kind I’ve seen so far!  The CFR number on the sign refers to a federal document about Disturbing Violations.

img_5861Now looking back at this Belted Kingfisher that I spotted hovering over a marsh last month, it occurs to me that some birds could even be mistaken for drones!

6 thoughts on “Birds only please

  1. We bird-watching nature-lovers are always aware of the movement around us. I find myself twitching at falling leaves, raindrops falling from trees, wind-blown branches…so I am delighted, for so many reasons, that drones are still prohibited in U.S. national parks, and hope this trend continues. Fun post, BJ~~

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