Red-shouldered Hawk in the evening light

img_6696My husband spotted this beautiful Red-shouldered Hawk enjoying the waning moments of sunlight at the Refuge the other night.img_6694The Hawk seemed quite undisturbed by our presence as he gazed down at us from his perch.img_6700We enjoyed every moment, as the setting sun continued to cast that wonderful golden glow. p1020501Before long, the sun was too low to light up the hawk – so we just turned around and admired the sunset behind us!

23 thoughts on “Red-shouldered Hawk in the evening light

  1. Beautiful captures of a magnificent raptor. These birds are so stately in their appearance and facial expressions. It gives a lovely warm vista capturing birds in the sun-setting light. Have a wonderful Christmas and New year.

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    • Thanks for your kind visit and comments! We’re fortunate to see lots of Red-shouldered Hawks here. It’s always a treat to encounter some of our other raptors – we really live in a heavenly place for birding!


  2. Such a gift it is to be surrounded by beauty — thank you for sharing it all with us here, BJ. Here in northern Calif. we often see the red-shouldered hawk perched on the horizontal electrical wires lining the roads and highways – so what a pleasure it is to see one perched here in this exotic and tropical tree. Lovely photos BJ~~

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    • These Cypress trees are very common here and we often see Red-shouldered Hawks in them – out in the open, or camouflaged among the branches. It’s a great thrill when a hawk suddenly flies out with a whoosh from a hidden spot, and soars right past!

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