So many Meadowlarks!

IMG_8844Before today, I had only seen an occasional Eastern Meadowlark, perched out in the open atop a low tree, or on a fence near a marshy preserve – its presence always signaled by its melodious singing 🎶.IMG_8841But this afternoon, Meadowlarks literally appeared at every turn as we wandered through Dinner Island Ranch, a wildlife management area (WMA) in south Florida. What really surprised us was to see them hopping around in the low scrub of the dry prairies.IMG_8838“They get their food by walking on the ground and probing with their bill. First they push their closed bill into the ground and then open their mandibles to disturb the dirt and expose grubs and worms—a common tactic for members of the blackbird family.”  (All About Birds)IMG_8834When viewed so close-up, it’s striking to see how large the Meadowlarks are. “This year-round Florida resident is not a lark, as its name suggests, but is in the same family as blackbirds and orioles.” (FWC).

So fascinating to learn more about this beauty – and a real treat to see so many in one day!!


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