63F06A28-5CB6-4F77-B9F7-8FE166F3C160_1_201_aI was mesmerized by this striking Great Blue Heron gazing out across the ponds from his treetop perch yesterday morning . . .  so full of grace!! A7CCAB99-4623-477C-96BE-6BF1F0C639E5_1_201_aIn a nearby tree, another Great Blue appeared to be mulling over the selection of a new nesting spot for this year.043DD833-7A3E-429A-ACF0-7FF8C06A143C_1_201_aQuite a few pairs of Herons are already flying back and forth bringing sticks to their nests, and they’re increasing in number every week. (All About Birds – Great Blue Heron) I’m rooting for the ones that have arrived early!! A6898AF3-9D6F-4377-9957-FFD835FAAE76_1_201_aIn recent years the Wood Storks have taken over many of the nesting trees that used to be inhabited by GBH‘s and other birds. Once the aggressive Wood Storks arrive, the Great Blues will often be challenged to defend their space.

35 thoughts on “Grace

    • The Wood Stork ‘invasion’ has been fairly recent, slowly but surely taking over in the past 4-5 years. But frankly we’re thrilled that they like it here, as the Wood Storks were really in danger not so long ago – we just figure they moved up here. ☺️

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  1. Your lovely photos have captured that sense of grace. Thanks for the link to the All About Birds piece on these herons. The Cool Facts are pretty cool and how interesting that the recovery of beaver populations has benefited the herons.

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    • I’m glad to hear that, Belinda! I almost didn’t include that shot, but I love the way they lean over so lovingly to nurture their nesting spot. I’m not sure if this one is actually constructed yet, but it looks like a good start. ☺️

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