White Pelican Sunbathers

F130483C-3DC1-4250-B8EE-0987DD9395D6_1_201_aTwo very charming White Pelicans were sunning themselves on a sand bar one day . . .072CDE11-1168-4C51-B32F-8FF618C1E00D_1_201_a. . .  preening and looking quite lovely. . . 1076114E-58DA-4934-A8C1-38CB2EE5F2B0_1_201_a. . . older on the left, younger on the right. C484D1D9-B59E-4EDB-B991-0BEFC54F7DC7_1_201_aWhen all of a sudden, a newcomer flew in and landed right on their sandbar. C9C31910-1577-4A40-81F2-092DEFADB26A_1_201_aHmmmm . . . He got the once over from one Pelican . . . 813288EF-7839-48FE-A7AE-35D1AC4AD5BC_1_201_a. . . and apparently got the approval to stick around. (White Pelicans are very gregarious, of course ☺️ All About Birds-White Pelican). And then there were three. ☺️

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