Nest building season

1559D6C4-8BF9-4FF3-87F5-B635E80538F5_1_201_aGreat Blue Herons work diligently on building their new nests at this time of year, spending much of their day collecting and adding branches.89294208-0CB5-40C9-A0CD-5D9838E6D247_1_201_aI watched as Mr. GBH flew off to the woods, looking for just the right branch. He thought about taking this long, bulky stick back to the nest, but later decided against it in favor of a simple short version.1FAA6AC7-DC84-4131-99B0-E97A1636161E_1_201_aI could barely see the skinny twig he chose as he dropped in for the ‘hand-off’ to Mrs. GBH waiting at the nest site.B6D9EB2D-4F13-4C29-8A04-466D99E4B2B8_1_201_a54CCA900-7498-48A8-A01F-08C93EAEACE5_1_201_aNo matter the size . . . . she leans over and carefully arranges the tiny branch just so, in the perfect location in her growing nest.1DDE3F64-723E-4BDD-B939-CB6E353A3624_1_201_aDespite their hard work, these beauties always manage to make time in their day for a little indulgent preening. 28FF4622-E1F0-447C-8447-F79B26D898AE_1_201_a

31 thoughts on “Nest building season

    • Yes! It’s really quite comical to listen to the squawking chicks and watch their wobbly little heads pop up. They grow so fast though. I must go see their progress soon, as they’re being overtaken in many spots by the Wood Storks.

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  1. What a beautiful series of shots! Great work! I love the vertical composition, the softened background, and the submissive expression on the heron in the last photo. The photo speaks of a gentle and caring parent preparing for young.
    I remember one occasion I saw a Great Blue flying in. She had a long, thick branch in her mouth hanging down between her legs. On first glance I thought I was seeing a genetic rarity… a three-legged heron!
    William – “What a wildly wonderful world, God! You made it all, with Wisdom at Your side, made earth overflow with your wonderful creations.” Psalms 104 The Message

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    • Thank you so much for your visit and for your very kind comments on my great blue heron post, William. You’ve actually quoted my very favorite psalm! This is the translation of 104: 24 as I read it in my (Koren) Tehillim: “How manifold are Your works, Lord! You made them all with wisdom; the earth is full of Your creations.”

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