Pardon, but do I have purple Pickerelweed petals on my bill?

The White Ibis, with its brilliant blue eyes, is one of the most abundant wading birds in Florida. White Ibises frequent saltwater marshes, coastal swamps, freshwater wetlands, ponds, fields – and lawns.C7162081-D2D3-4FE7-B716-E1AEDBFE5660_1_201_a They probe in the mud for small prey such as insects, crustaceans, and worms (See All about Birds, White Ibis). . . . which explains why the tip of the Ibis’ very long red bill is almost always black. This handsome fellow picked up some decorative nosewear while foraging in the purple Pickerelweed at a local sanctuary ☺️.

29 thoughts on “Pardon, but do I have purple Pickerelweed petals on my bill?

  1. I heard about getting green stuff between your teeth, but, Pickerelweed? I’ve never heard!
    Great shot, Carol. I’m sorry about the levity. 🙂

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    • Lol! This ibis really looked a little comical. I love seeing wildlife, including other birds and gators and turtles covered with duckweed or another ‘green stuff’ from the ponds as they stroll or swim around, completely unconcerned about their appearance☺️

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  2. We don’t have the white ibis on the west coast. They actually have a pretty small range in the U.S. So great fun to see this one, especially with the muddy bill tip and weed bits. Fun post, BJ, and lovely photo.

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  3. Lovely pic BJ, our Australian White Ibis is not quite as pretty in the face as yours. Ours is known as a ‘bin chicken’ as in recent years it has become a pest in our cities where it has chosen to live, scrounging for food scraps.

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