I think this is a White-eyed Vireo 😉

I spotted this delightful little bird one January morning, hopping about in a low shrub at Circle B Bar Ranch Reserve. I’m not very well-versed in small birds, but I’m pretty sure it is a White-eyed Vireo, a year-round resident here in Florida. Should be easy to verify because apparently (according to iBird Plus) it “is only one of two birds in the U.S. with white eyes.” Who knew!!??
A few more curious facts about the White-eyed Vireo, straight from one of my favorite sources – you can find more here at All About Birds:
  • Both the male and the female White-eyed Vireo sing on the wintering grounds, but only the male sings on the breeding grounds.
  • In Florida, scientists found a 400,000-year-old wing bone from a White-eyed Vireo from the late Pleistocene. It is North America’s only fossil record for the whole vireo family.
  • The White-eyed Vireo bathes by rubbing its body against dewy foliage in the morning.

37 thoughts on “I think this is a White-eyed Vireo 😉

  1. Yep, that’s a White-eyed Vireo! If you take a few minutes to learn it’s call you’ll never forget it. And you’ll also realize they are all about, but usually unseen. Quirky little birds. Great post and photo. William

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  2. Regarding the Burroughs quotation in your masthead, I just chanced across a somewhat related thought by the American painter Robert Henri: “Reveal the spirit you have about the thing, not the materials you are going to paint. Reality does not exist in material things. Rather paint the flying spirit of the bird than its feathers.” The sentiment was recorded in the detailed notes taken by a student in one of his classes.” It’s the second paragraph on p. 275 at


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