Least Bittern just chillin’ in the morning sun

Least Bitterns are known for being shy and very well-camouflaged, great at hiding in the marsh. I spotted this Bittern fly in on a recent early July morning, and assumed it would quickly scoot off into the dense foliage.

But when I hurried over to get a better look, she just stood there, posing atop the reeds. She stayed there in full view for several minutes, a rare treat. See much more on these elusive birds at eBird and at All About Birds-Least Bittern.

27 thoughts on “Least Bittern just chillin’ in the morning sun

    • One of these days, I’m sure you will see them, Donna☺️. We’ve had many of them in our local wetlands in recent weeks in particular. They are here every year, though I don’t recall exactly which months they are most prevalent. This year, I was excited to see several chicks as well, but I didn’t get many photos of the little fuzzy ones.

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  1. Great captures, Carol! The closest I have photographed was the Sunbittern in the Amazon. I have heard many people that you can find bitterns in some places of Florida, but I haven’t so far. You’re a lucky lady! 🙂

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