Handsome Hawk

It was our local naturalist who spotted this beautiful young hawk first, when he flew right in over our heads. She was quite sure it was a juvenile Cooper’s Hawk, and I thought so, too. See what you think when you view the photos of the Immature Cooper’s Hawks at All About Birds Cooper Hawk ID

Because Cooper’s Hawks are often confused with Sharp-shinned Hawks, Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Project Feeder Watch also has a great tool for comparing the two. Another excellent resource for identifying this as a young Cooper’s Hawk is this ID Tip on Audubon.

If anyone has a different, better ID, I’d love to know!

16 thoughts on “Handsome Hawk

  1. Yes, I think it’s a Cooper’s. Nice photo! There’s a picture on the All About Birds site Of an immature that has similar characteristics. I like using that site’s “compare” feature to look at similar species side by side.

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