American Bittern on a mission

When I first spotted this elusive bird, he was deep in the shadows with his back turned to me, and I wasn’t even sure yet that he was an American Bittern. It soon became obvious when he emerged into a clearing and set about hunting in earnest – right out in the open.

“Bitterns are stealth predators and typically stand motionless as they wait for prey to approach, or stalk it with barely perceptible motions” (All About Birds/American Bittern). This guy did a great demo of stealthy foraging, very slowly moving past me.🤫

I don’t think he ever saw me watching – what a treat!

31 thoughts on “American Bittern on a mission

    • We have American Bitterns throughout Florida. I’ve seen them in several wetland marshes, Sue, but they’re always very hard to spot. This bittern was at Wakodahatchee Wetlands in Boynton Beach, Palm Beach County. Hope you get to encounter an American bittern one day!☺️


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