Our Lush Wetlands

In the introduction to her marvelous new book, Exploring Perek Shira, Rebbetzin Shoshana Tugendhaft writes: “Nature on all its levels works in perfect harmony, each element vital in a delicately balanced ecosystem.”

We are blessed to live near many beautiful natural areas, tranquil wetlands and marshes that illustrate this delicate balance and nourish the soul!

25 thoughts on “Our Lush Wetlands

  1. How beautiful is Nature, it was given to us by the almighty, Let us be grateful and keep it nice and beautiful! Great photos, Carol, Thank you! 🙂

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  2. Beautiful wetlands BJ, how blessed to be able to visit them. The Lord has made a wonderful interconnected complex of life which shows that everything needs everything to happily exist, meaning we all need each other, no one is an island, this is God’s heart for us.

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  3. Thank you for a very thoughtful post.

    Those of us who are fortunate to live near to such “lush wetlands” are in danger of taking these incredible resources for granted. As is evident from the replies so far, not everyone is so lucky!

    The only way to ensure these habitats remain protected is to not let our guard down and maintain vigilance on politicians, corporations and on the wetlands themselves so we can note potential threats as early as possible.

    By highlighting our natural resources on a regular basis, you are doing incredibly valuable work, Carol. Thank you!

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