Wood Duck Visitors

The intricate plumage of the Wood Ducks make them “one of the most stunningly pretty of all waterfowl.” (All About Birds).

“Beautiful and unique, this duck of woodland ponds and river swamps has no close relatives, except for the Mandarin Duck of eastern Asia”, another ornate and highly attractive duck (Audubon.org). The only two members of the Genus Aix, both are cavity nesters, and both prefer wooded areas near marshes, wetlands and other bodies of water.

Although they are found across most of the United States, and are present year-round in Florida, Wood Ducks are not as frequently seen locally as our other more familiar ducks (Florida FWC). Always a special treat to find them at one of our local wetlands.

31 thoughts on “Wood Duck Visitors

  1. Terrific post!

    It always brightens our day when we encounter Woodies in our wanderings. We’re lucky to have a few nesting pairs in nearby forest and swamp. Hope to spot some of the new chicks soon.

    Have a great week.


  2. It’s a happy day when we get the chance to see a wood duck, one of America’s showiest birds. I double-clicked on these photos, BJ, and so enjoyed seeing all the elegant markings and colors. Thank you.

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