23 thoughts on “Family Outing

  1. AMAZING!!!!! Say, can you hear them whistle? Where is the father? Sleeping, or also getting food? Does the mother protect those ducklings if predators come? Did you ever see that happen?

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    • What great questions, Yishai! Yes, they definitely whistle especially when flying. ☺️ The ducklings whistle in a quiet little cheeping sound. Both the mother and the father absolutely protect the ducklings; in fact, this could very well be the father, to tell the truth. We very often see two adults nearby watching over the young, with one acting as a ‘sentinel’. I’ve seen adult whistling ducks aggressively chase away other birds by stretching their necks out and squawking with open bills, looking quite intimidating, but I’ve never actually seen them in danger of a gator or other large predator.


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