The Ubiquitous White Ibis

Although the White Ibis is one of our most ubiquitous birds in southeast Florida, I was amazed to learn that their range is limited almost exclusively to the coastlines of the southeast U.S. and Central America (Range Map from All About Birds).

An article published online recently in the Spotlight News Magazine: Corkscrew SIGHTINGS: In praise of the ubiquitous ibis highlighted this beautiful but common Florida wading bird.

21 thoughts on “The Ubiquitous White Ibis

  1. I love it when I’m in the US southeast and get to see the white ibis, such a beautiful bird. Isn’t it funny, BJ, how that is with the ranges of a bird species? One that is so familiar in our own area, and then you find out from the range map that it’s unique in the big picture?

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  2. Wonderful series of great photographs!

    We’re fortunate to have the White Ibis here year around and always look forward to finding rookeries each year. Loud, noisy, smelly places when there are new chicks screaming to be fed! But totally rewarding.

    Merry Christmas.

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