Foggy morning

January 1, 2023 started out as a VERY foggy morning. A bit risky on the roads for driving, but just wonderful for a walk in the wetlands.

Sunlight gradually began to filter through the trees and lighten up the boardwalks.

Slowly but surely, the skies brightened and the colors of the marsh were shining through by 10 am. ☀️

27 thoughts on “Foggy morning

  1. Love the feel of the first image – so mysterious and just asking you to come and explore a hidden world. The light filtering onto the boardwalk helps me to imagine actually being there. Must have been a lovely walk.

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  2. I really like all of your photographs. That first one is special. It is both welcoming and mysterious. Even though you may have been down that path before, with it shrouded in mist there is still a hint of anticipation at what you may encounter.

    Fog in our Florida swamp is like most of our winter days. Wait a bit and the sun and warmth shall return.

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