From Perek Shira

Perek Shira (פרק שירה) is a little gem of a book, an ancient source believed to be at least 1800 years old; some say it is perhaps even older, written by King David or King Solomon.  Known as The Song of the Universe, or The Song of Creation, Perek Shira is a collection of 85 songs representing the ‘voices’ of every part of creation.


Of the total number of elements in Perek Shira, an inordinate number, nearly one fifth of them are birds. Yosef Ben Shlomo Hakohen points out that, Visitors to the Kosel Ha-Maaravi, the Western Wall of the Temple Mount, will notice the profusion of birds that inhabit it. Sparrows, swifts and doves all build their homes in this holiest of places, and their cries are heard incessantly. It is explained that birds have a sixth sense for sanctity. Rabbi Slifkin suggests that this spiritual sensitivity may be a reason why birds are represented in disproportionately large numbers in Perek Shirah.(

The Stork says, “Speak to the heart of Yerushalayim and call to her. . .” (Isaiah 40:2)

The Crane says: “Give thanks to Hashem with the lyre; play for Him with the ten-stringed harp.” (Tehillim 33:2)

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