The Sparrow

Old City, JerusalemThe Sparrows’ boisterous song reverberates through the narrow winding stone streets of the Old City of Jerusalem, and seems to grow louder as you approach the Kotel. Its lively sound is nearly as ever-present along the shores of the Yarkon River, near where the River flows into the Sea, part of a loud, mixed chorus of birds, especially in the early morning.

The Sparrow occupies a special place in Judaism. . .
According to legend, a golden sparrow was one of the myriad resplendent creatures adorning King Solomon’s Throne. Jewish mythology tells us that the source of the sparrow’s joyful chirping is its ability to witness each new, as-yet unborn soul as it descends to this world from the ‘Tree of Souls’ in the heavens. Each of us can find personal meaning in these quotes from Proverbs (Mishlei) and from the Psalms (Tehilim) below.

image“As a Sparrow wandering from its nest, so is a person wandering from his place.” (Mishlei 27:8)

From Perek Shira ~ The Bird says, “Even the songbird has found a house, and the sparrow a nest for herself where she set her young—near Your altars, O LORD of hosts, my King and my God.” (Tehillim 84:3)

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