Peaceful Waters Sanctuary


Green Heron in the rain~

Visited a lovely preserve called Peaceful Waters Sanctuary this week.  Such an apt name!  Even in the rain, it was a pleasure to walk the trails and the boardwalk – not a soul around, just a few Herons and I enjoying this very tranquil spot.

Great Blue Heron in the rain~

On my second trip, today, the handsome Green Heron was still there – enjoying the thick beds of Water Lettuce in the sunshine.  I only crossed paths with one other person, a photographer/birder who gave me lots valuable tips about which birds to see where, next time I come.

Green Heron two days later, in the morning sun!

Green Heron two days later, in the morning sun!

Although I didn’t see the Great Blue Heron again at Peaceful Waters today, look who was wading in the pond outside my window when I arrived home. . . I’m so lucky!


Great Blue Heron in my backyard~


Great Blue Heron looking coy in our pond ~

10 thoughts on “Peaceful Waters Sanctuary

    • I recall being surprised at how often I saw a Green Heron during late fall in the preserve near my home in upstate New York. I always wondered how long he stayed, and where he went for the winter. Maybe he’s here in South Florida now. . . ??

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