Noah’s ‘Arc’ . . . !

I was intrigued by an article called Birding without Borders, in the current issue of Audubon magazine, because it was about a wonderful young author/birder named Noah Stryker.  A few months ago, I had read and included mention of Stryker’s new book, The Thing with Feathers (a real treat to read!) in a post on my blog.

Tri-Colored heron

Tri-Colored heron

Imagine my delight (as someone who loves to find connections between Torah and birds) to see the title of the global map that Stryker and Audubon included in the magazine article.  The map pinpoints all the sites across the world that Stryker will visit on his upcoming Global Big Year, and the map’s title is (what else?) ‘Noah’s Arc’!

11 thoughts on “Noah’s ‘Arc’ . . . !

  1. I wish we could go as easily through each country as do the birds.

    The thing is though, some countries are dangerous for migrating birds, like the glue-covered sticks in Egypt that trap birds. In Cyprus, trappers kill millions of migrating songbirds to boil or pickle them. I retract my first statement. Birds have it pretty bad in some of these countries.

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