Did you ever notice the Wood Stork’s legs??!

Last evening was one of those really special times in the local wetlands preserve. Since it was just after sunset, cool, and very overcast, few people were there. As a result, it was quiet and still . . .  just lovely. But, the birds were out and about before their bedtime~IMG_2063This large adult Wood Stork above was standing on the railing right in front of me, and was completely unperturbed by my arrival. Most people can’t help but notice the Wood Stork‘s unique bumpy, bald head, and his enormous, heavy, wood-like bill, but how often do we pay attention to his legs?? I had noticed Wood Stork feet before, as they sort of hang down unceremoniously as the Wood Stork flies 😉 But after looking more closely at the photos above, I was suddenly struck by the unique appearance of those skinny legs!IMG_2063Sheer fishnet stockings anyone?!? Perhaps zooming in on this little close-up will reveal a view that you may have missed before ;-D

14 thoughts on “Did you ever notice the Wood Stork’s legs??!

  1. Ha, ha. You asked a question about a bird from your area that I can answer. I have seen and photographed this birds legs and feet, but it was at our local zoo bird exhibit. I think their legs make a nice photo with those knobby knees and textured legs. I do like the birds in your area, so much more interesting in their appearance. I am just returning and writing from the plane, so I hope you get my comment, not all are going through.

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