GBH Fly-by!

A couple of days ago, on a very dreary and overcast morning, I was out on the boardwalk with several other birders, photographers, and walkers.

IMG_2260We were watching the Great Blue Herons fly back and forth across the water with small branches, on their way to and from their nesting areas.

This one, however, was simply showing off, apparently!

IMG_2259He kept taking off, as if he was going to head straight toward the woods to get a new branch, but then suddenly took a right turn – and flew directly in front of us (with no branch!) . . . ย just for the fun of it, we assumed!~IMG_2258A moment later, as we were just recovering from that first “fly-by”, he swooped around and flew by again, a few short feet away. It made for great entertainment – and some really close-up in-flight shots – as he repeated the cycle several more times!



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