Have a restful Shabbat and relaxing weekend~

IMG_0068“Shabbat Shalom,” said the sleepy Eurasian Collared Dove~!  This peaceful dove was roosting in the middle of a sunny day today in the Wetlands of South Florida.  The last time I saw – and blogged about – this bird was in the Ashkelon National Park in Israel.

6 thoughts on “Have a restful Shabbat and relaxing weekend~

  1. Lovely, relaxing photo, BJ. This beautiful dove has been steadily expanding its range eastward across the States. I started noticing it in California a few years ago, and in fact, I just watched a pair yesterday on an outing. A successful species. 😀

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    • Good question, Donna! We were treated yesterday to the sight of two beautiful,very well-fed, colorful “pigeons” by the boardwalk yesterday, right there by the water’s edge with all the herons and egrets and Soras ;-).


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